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Welcome to fantasy sportsbook chief, the best online fantasy sportsbook review site. We’ve come up with a thoroughly vetted list on UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand fantasy sportsbook sites. With a vast knowledge in the field, we are able to come up with trustworthy, honest and verifiable site reviews. With the rating system that we use, the reviews are not only easy to read but also pack some of the most important aspects of online casinos such as sites’ banking options, customer service, offers and promotions up for grabs both to new and loyal players. You might note that we review sites whose primary sportsbook markets are UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We do this is order to warrant that the deposit and withdrawal of money would be convenient and to ensure that you will get a 24/7 customer support in case you need help with wagering.

Why Play At Sites We Recommend?

Due to the stringent regulations on online gambling, finding an ideal fantasy sportsbook amongst the dizzying array in the market could be a gamble. How are you going to make your choice of an online sportsbook amongst the thousands out there? Online fantasy sportsbook chief help players from the aforementioned countries and other parts of the globe to find the best fantasy sportsbooks by weeding out the good from the bad ones.

New Sites

We features new sites that have US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as their primary markets. We do so is order to ensure that our clients get to sites that have a 24/7 toll free customer support in case they need some help. When we review new sites, we have to check whether they convenient deposit and withdrawal options, attractive odds and perks of offers and promotions. We do this is order to ensure that when you want to deposit money into your playing account, you can do it at a click of a button. Besides that, we also have to ensure that the withdrawal options are convenient, we do this in order to warrant that getting money out is just as easy as getting it in. Our experts do have to consider such important aspects so that we can direct you visitors to new fantasy sportsbooks that will let you enjoy betting on fantasy sports more than you ever did on old sportsbooks. Because we have to play at the new sportsbooks before we review them, we feel what the player feels when betting at the site. Doing so enables us to direct you to a site that we know is going to offer you attractive odds, variant betting options, universal banking methods, and sleek website that is optimized for handheld devices.

Top Offers.

We’ve come up with sites that perk their players with fair, lucrative and hefty offers. These are sites that offers its player much more to look up to throughout their stay therein. When coming up with the refined list of top-offers site, we have to read their T&Cs so that we can assure the players that you do not have to meet some stringent wagering requirements to cash out. It is for this reason that we’ve come up with top-welcome bonus sites, top-offers sites and top-loyalty bonuses sportsbooks. These are sportsbooks that have satisfied our experts that they offer the players the best offers. The reality is, all sites require you to deposit some money so that you can cash out your bonus offer. However, after depositing money into the account and you found out that the site is a scam, there isn’t much you can do against them that is why we recommend that you make your choice wisely. Because we’ve been in the sportsbook and online gambling industry generally for quite a long time, we are able to point out sites that offer the player some top offers and by that we mean that they come with lose wagering requirements meaning that cashing out is pretty easy.

Top Promotions

With the expertise and experience in the field, we have known the gambling industry inside and out. So, we can point out sites with top promotions amongst the dizzying array. While gambling at the sites, our experts come up with some trustworthy reviews. In each and every review, we have included detailed information about promotions and bonuses up for grabs at the site. Due to the fact that promotions at sportsbooks change with time, we are constantly updating, pruning and refining our list so that we can come up with the best promotions-sportsbook at all times. So when going through our list of best promotions sites, rest assured that you are looking at the best possible options out there.


Due to the years of cumulative experience in the online gambling and Sportsbetting, we have gained some unique insight into fantasy sportsbooks and the general online gambling industry. With such a vast knowledge in the field, we can come up with trustworthy, independent and simple online sportsbook rating system encompassing, deposit and withdrawal options available, customer support, promotions and offers up for grabs at the sites, betting options available, and pros and cons. This system is geared towards ensuring that you get whatever you need in order to make an educated decision when choosing an online sportsbook. With online fantasy sportsbook chief, all you need to do is sit back and consult our detailed and well-researched sportsbook reviews. After making a decision on the sportsbook you’d love to register for an account at, click the handy “play now” icon and then head over to sign up for an account. After getting an account and betting at the site, come back and help use review this site by giving us your own rating and views. All you need to do is click that handy “review” tab on the specific sportsbook review. Picking an online sportsbook should not be so overwhelming, with our expert sportsbook reviews, getting to the best online fantasy sportsbook has never been better. As a matter of fact, getting the right sportsbook just became a safe bet!

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